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Have you recently introduced new fencing or deck into your outdoor space? You have probably been told countless times from both friends and family about just how good it looks. Keeping it this way throughout its lifespan, however, is a different story.

Leaving a fence or deck ‘as is’, can be damaged irreversibly by bad weather and UV rays from the sun which can turn wood grey, as well as break down sealant and waterproof coverings.

So why take the risk? After all, a new fence or deck can be an expensive job, so why wouldn’t you want to keep it looking it’s best throughout it’s life?

Avoid the unnecessary expense of having your fence or deck replaced by looking after it properly from day one. This can be achieved by investing in professional Texas fence restoration services.


The reason is simple. Power washing outdoor wood removes substances such as dead fibres, mold and mildew that will attract moisture into the surface and cause it to rot irreparably. You may believe that you are a sound DIYer and want to give it a go. And this is OK, if you really know what you are doing.

Or perhaps you know a guy with a pressure washer?

Such scenarios are best left to highly experienced professionals, such as us. At Pressure Washing Katy, We have formulated a unique three step system which guarantees fantastic results. 


step 1

We fully prepare the wood surface making it 100% capable of being pressure washed

Step 2

Our low pressure equipment will clean away harmful debris from your deck or fencing.

Step 3

We apply a chemical substance to your fences or deck to make it bright and vibrant, helping to give your garden a new lease of life.


Hiring a professional to power wash your fencing or deck in Houston can actually save you money by avoiding expensive replacement costs which could occur as a result of hiring a cowboy or attempting to do the task yourself with limited knowledge or inadequate equipment. When it comes to power washing of deck and fences, we believe we are the best choice.

We are experts in power washing fences and deck, in Katy and houston area. Blasting your wood with no consideration can cause splinters and irreversible colour change, not to mention reducing lifespan too. How much will hiring the wrong person cost you?

We use the best equipment. DIY power washers aren’t generally suitable for power washing fences and deck as their pressure is too high. Our machines use a lower 2000 PSI pressure. Your fences and deck will remain un-damaged.

We use the right chemicals. We use detergents only suitable for wood, in the right quantity too.

We offer an all in one package. We offer wood staining and cleaning in one handy package. Don’t worry about contacting different contractors. Come to us to save money, time and effort.

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