After your driveway, sidewalks and patios are nice and clean it may be a good idea to have them sealed. This will keep them clean longer and help prevent erosion common in the wet Katy, TX climate.

Do I need to seal my concrete?

Do I need to seal my flagstone?

Why should I seal my pavers?

Concrete is exposed to the elements both natural and man made. Rain, morning dew, dirt, heat and cold all impact the concrete. Sealing it will keep out the moisture and dirt so you don’t have to clean it nearly as often and it won’t become slick because of mold and grime like unprotected concrete.
Flagstone is very porous and will absorb water easily. This is why it becomes dirty quickly and why it tends to chip and crack. Sealing it will prevent moisture from getting into the stone and the mortar so the entire surface is protected!

There are several reasons to seal your pavers in Katy. The first is to protect the actual paver itself from the damage caused by water, weeds and moss. The sealant will also help lock the sand in place between the pavers so it doesn’t wash away as easily and cause the pavers to shift and sink. This will help

protect your investment and keep your driveway, walkway or patio looking great for years to come!