Discover Power Washing Tools Available For Cleaning House Siding


Homeowners will often have areas around their property that they want to clean including garage floors, driveways, patios, and house siding. For these jobs it makes sense to use power washing tools. It is important to know which tools and detergents should be used for each individual job. For instance, using the correct detergent and attachments, you will be able to clean the siding on your house in an afternoon.

If you want to clean your house siding there are a few things to learn about which tools will work best

With a gas powered machine you will be able to clean the siding faster than an electric machine. Gas machines with a high flow rate are ideal for big jobs. You may choose to use an electric washer but keep in mind that the job will take about two to three times longer to complete.

Folks can rent these machines, however because they are so affordable and have several uses, you may want to consider purchasing one. For example, renting a machine from your local DIY store can cost about $100 for the day. On the other hand, if you buy a machine you will spend around $300 and it will pay for itself in three uses. If your finances will allow, purchasing one is your best choice.

You will need the correct nozzle for applying detergent. This too is called the black soaping nozzle. To do the actual pressure wash you will need either a twenty five or forty degree nozzle tip. When cleaning high areas you will need an extension wand to avoid climbing a ladder which can be dangerous when using a pressure cleaner.

Start by holding the wand about three feet from the siding and move closer as you see how much pressure is needed to remove dirt and grime. The detergent will make your job much easier because it loosens particles with less water pressure. You can buy detergent that is specifically designed to clean house siding.

Use a brush attachment if you want to improve the performance of the washer

This attachment allows you to scrub dirt way. The tool can be is used for cleaning cars, boats, wheels, and garbage bins. It is affordable and handy to keep around. An extension wand makes reaching high places like gutters from the ground.

Personal safety is the most important thing to remember when pressure cleaning. Make sure to wear safety glasses, avoid using ladders, pay attention to power lines, and keep the work area clean.

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