Alternate Reality Escape Rooms – Katy, TX

Looking For A Fun Escape In Katy, TX?

Located at 21788 Katy Fwy #300, Katy, TX 77449, is Alternate Reality Escape Rooms. The location is pretty close to Cypress, TX but still in the Katy city limits.  In the last few years, escape rooms have become extremely popular. Many escape room goers will often take the time to drive across the country to visit unique and interesting escape rooms. Alternate Reality Escape Rooms has become a major attraction in the Katy, TX area for the fresh and exciting experience that it offers to the citizens of Katy, TX. Let’s take a look at the history of Alternate Reality Escape Rooms in Katy, TX, what they have to offer when you visit their Katy Freeway location, when you can visit, what other visitors just like you had to say about this wonderful escape room attraction, and anything else you should know about Alternate Reality Escape Rooms.

Alternate Reality Escape Rooms in Katy, TX was founded in 2017 by a rather eclectic mix of everyday people. Being a family owned business, they take pride in the fact they’re building a fun and rewarding dream for themselves in the heart of Katy, TX.

A Fun Adventure in 77449

Alternate Reality Escape Rooms offers four rooms in their Katy, Texas location including one near Morton Ranch High School. The four rooms offered by Alternate Reality Escape Rooms vary in difficulty and in story. The first is titled “Steampunk”, which centers around an old mansion that had been owned by a mad scientist. You find yourself trapped in the mansion, and have sixty minutes to escape. “Steampunk” is the easiest of the four rooms that are offered, and can hold up to eight players at a cost of $37.50 per person. The second room is “Piece Meal” which is a horror and slasher movie themed room. It’s advertised as being extremely gory, and is slightly more difficult than “Steampunk”. It can also hold up to eight players at a cost of $37.50 per person. The last two are “Next Gen” and “Bunker 57” which both have a science fiction theme to them, and are slightly more difficult than the first two. Like the others, these hold up to eight players at a cost of $37.50 per person.

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Alternate Reality Escape Rooms in Katy, TX stays clean by using our commercial power washing services but doesn’t have any operating hours listed on their site, as they operate on a booking and appointment system only. You should be aware that they won’t admit any children under the age of eight years old, and all eight to fourteen year old’s must be accompanied by a parent or guardian when entering the game rooms. You are also required to arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled booking time in order to be briefed on the rules of the room and sign waivers and other legal documents.

Most of the Katy, TX visitors to Alternate Reality Escape Rooms had a blast. The rooms are said to have immaculate detail, clean furnishings, and be extremely fun and well thought out. The only issues that some people voiced was that the lighting was too dark for their eyes in a few rooms, and it should be noted that you are charged more to book a room for a small party. Overall, most people enjoyed their time.